Demo bilingual

Zur O2-World-Demo am Freitag gibt es jetzt einen Aufruf auch auf Englisch. Die Organisator_innen der Demo wollen diese nämlich so weit wie möglich zweisprachig durchführen, da mit vielen internationalen Intersquat-Aktivist_innen gerechnet wird.

It’s O2-World’s birthday…
…and we‘re all invited to come!

Two years ago, on September 10th, 2008, the O2 arena opened with a big ceremony. But there were many more people protesting against it, and the party was drowned out by the action. Today, as then, this giant event UFO stands for an urban planning that serves only the interest in profits for big companies. They don‘t give a shit about the needs and wishes of local residents.

The Berlin city council and the district’s administration ignore the outcome of the referendum „banks of the Spree for everyone“. This November, the new luxury „nhow Hotel“ will be opened in Berlin’s East Harbour, and beginning next year the big construction company HochTief will erect a new office building called „Berlin’s Big Freedom“ adjacent to the hotel.

But the investors‘ freedom is not the freedom we‘re looking for!

The former squat „Köpi“ is going to be auctioned off again; the ice factory’s cold storage houses are actually being torn down even though they are meant to be under historical preservation protection; the new headquarter of HochTief is under construction; the super-fancy home-builders cooperative „Spreefeld“ wants to begin with construction works soon, and so does the new owner of the old soap factory next door; and there was a hotel/carloft mixed building announced at Spree riverside in Treptow. After „Labels“ and „Labels 2″ the owner is considering to build a third project. And the Anschutz Entertainment Group, owner of the O2 World, thinks about erecting a smaller sister arena next to the existing one. And yes, we are certain that this kind of urban upgrading will cause the rents to rise.

That does it! We‘re fed up with that shit!

So today’s Beginning of the Intersquat Festival suits our cause just fine. Let us express our rage: Bring your thunder whistles, vuvuzelas, drums and whatever may cause the O2 arena to tremble.

Demonstration // Fri 10/09/10 // 18h
Revaler Str. at corner of Libauer Str.